Dos and Donts In Dubai

If it is your first time in Dubai there are few things you need to take note of and be aware of, as Dubai has a different culture to most European and North American cultures.

Ten years ago Dubai was a lazy Arab port where many people enjoyed the sunshine and the laid back life. Today there are many tourists from all over the world visiting this beautiful city, however lately specific high profile cases have arisen regarding drugs and sexual behaviour. We must warn you that the UAE is a none tolerant state when it comes to even the smallest drug quantity and lewd sexual behaviour. In June 2008 a British couple who northface outlet were not married and under the influence of alcohol were apprehended performing a sex act on a public beach and now face up to 6 years minimum in jail. What you should remember sexual relations outside of marriage should you be apprehended are completely illegal and carry prison sentence.

This should not put you off visiting this fantastic country however hopefully the UAE rules and regulations will deter the European so called larger party animals from visiting this beautiful country. If you abide by the rules and policies of the UAE then you will enjoy a pleasant and memorable stay in Dubai. You cannot purchase alcohol from a supermarket. It is against the law to walk in the street drinking alcohol or to be drunk in a public place. You are not allowed to drink and drive; and this means a total ban on the consumption of alcohol whilst in charge of a motor vehicle; this includes the day after the night before. extravagant displays of affection in public, as this will offend the local populationIt is not appropriate for men to walk along the street barechested. It is very advisable that females avoid wearing very short skirts or revealing tops as you may attract unwanted attention.